19/01/2020 Update  Currently Arctic Edge does not have a webstore, but this is planned for 2021. In the meantime I can process orders on an individual basis. I will be able to process mail orders from the 02 February 2021.


Which items do you have in stock ?
See the link below, which displays the items I have in stock now along with their prices (excluding VAT). Please take note of the model number you are interested in.


Where do you ship to ? How about the UK ?

I ship to most places around the World. However deliveries to the UK have been suspended due to new regulations that came with Brexit. I hope to get this fixed soon.

What shipping options do you offer ?

All item are shipped from Svalbard, Norway. You can choose between normal the normal national carrier service :

  • Posten which is untracked, but reliable. Parcels are then passed onto your local national carrier. There are severe delays with national carriers due to Covid-19. Arctic Edge cannot be held accountable for these delays.

  • DHL Express which is much faster and tracked. There appears to be no delays with DHL shipments.


How much does they cost and how long does it take ?






Import VAT and customs fees

You will most likely need to pay customs charges ("toll" in Norwegian) on certain items, and then VAT on the total amount (item cost + shipping + customs charges). These charges will be levied by your local postal service/DHL and not Arctic Edge. In addition, your postal service/DHL might charge you a service fee. These fees are totally out of my control, but you should be aware of to any avoid nasty surprises. I say most likely because although these charges are technically due, it is pretty random who they decide to charge.

All Arctic Edge prices already exclude VAT. I cannot send parcels as gifts.

  • Import to Norway from Svalbard: Svalbard is outside the taxable zone of mainland Norway. You must therefore pay Posten 25% VAT on the total cost of goods and shipping. In addition, you might need to pay some customs charges (toll) on the to. For beanies this is 0%, but for a neck gaiter it is 5.6%. You will also need to pay a service fee of 149 NOK to Posten. Norwegian customers can check the toll calculator here. https://www.toll.no/no/verktoy/importkalkulator/ . For Example 1: you buy a beanie costing 500 NOK. This has 0% customs on it. Shipping is 75 NOK. Add VAT and service fee on top of that. So (500+75)*1.25 + 149 = 868 NOK total.  Example 2: you buy a neck gaiter costing 550 NOK. Shipping is 75 NOK. So the sum before customs clearance is 625 NOK. Since the neck gaiter has 5.6 % customs on it, you must add this to the 625 NOK, so 625 X 0.056 = 35 NOK customs charges. Then add VAT on top (625+35)*0.25= 165 NOK VAT. And then the Posten service fee of 149 NOK. Add it all up = 550 + 75 + 35 + 165 + 149 = 974 NOK.

  • Import to Sweden/ Denmark/ Europe/ USA/ Canada/ Rest of World: Svalbard and Norway are outside of the European Union. Depending where you live you will need to pay local taxes at local rates. In the US, this varies from state to state. Please consult your local customs office website for more info on costs. Arctic Edge cannot be held responsible for these additional costs. You can use the above Norway example to get an idea of how charges work, but the actual rate will be different for you.

When can you dispatch ?

From the 02 February 2021, then if I have the item in stock, then I can generally dispatch parcels within 1-2 working days, after receipt of payment.


How do I place an order ?

Please fill out the form below. I will need you name, full address, and which item you are after. You can of course ask me any question too, before paying anything. I will reach out to you soon after by email, and if everything looks good I will send you a payment link to pay by debit/credit card (I use a service called iZettle). All major credit cards (Visa/Mastercard), including Amex and Diners, are accepted.

Thanks for submitting!

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