Shipping, VAT and customs

We aim to dispatch all items within 1-2 working day of placing an order. Typically if you place an order on Monday, your order will be shipped out on Tuesday morning (Norway time). If you place an order on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, then we aim to ship your order on Monday morning.

Shipping prices

Norway: 65 NOK with tracking (Bring/Posten "pakke i postkasse"). Delivery takes 2-5 working days from dispatch. We do not ship to Svalbard.

Europe: 200 NOK with DHL Express with tracking, 2-5 working days for delivery from dispatch.

Rest of World (for example USA/Canada/etc): 250 NOK with DHL Express with tracking, 5-7 working days for delivery from dispatch.

*19 December 2022 update* - temporary suspension of shipments to the UK . This will be back in place in Q2 2023. Please send us an email for more info.



When items are sent to Norway:  Norwegian VAT is charged at checkout.

When items are sent to the rest of world :  (update 03 February 2022). Your order is sent without Norwegian VAT. However, it is up to you to pay all import taxes and duties.

Some countries will charge you, some will not. In the USA, you typically can import 800 USD of item tax free. So in most instances, USA customers will not be liable to import duties.

Customers in the EU will most likely face import VAT + duties + processing fee from DHL Express. These fees are not the responsibility of Arctic Edge, and in case of a returned item, cannot be refunded by Arctic Edge.

Approximately in April 2023, Arctic Edge will launch a "European Union" website where all items will have taxes included, so there will be no bad surprise. Please contact us if you have any questions.