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What is Arctic Edge ?


How do I wash/care for my garment ?

All Arctic Edge clothing items are made from completely natural products. Mostly pure merino wool, possum fur and silk. A little care is required when washing the garments, but nothing complicated. WASH Hand wash of course is a possibility. But machine wash also works great ! What you need to do is to turn the garment inside out, and select wool/delicate wash. Then make sure you select cold wash (so, cold water). Use a soft/delicate/wool detergent but nothing agressive otherwise you will damage the wool. SPIN It is actually quite important to spin the garment to remove most of the water. Normal spin, like 1000 rpm is fine. If you have washed the garment by hand, then place in a towel and then twist it a bit to remove the excess water. If the garment is soaking wet when drying, then it will tend to stretch and sag hence why the water must be removed DRY Lay flat to dry. Alternatively, place in the tumble dryer at low heat for a few minutes. Then take it out and feel it and every few minutes take it out again until dry. If the garment is very wet when putting into the tumble dryer, then you are basically boiling it. Avoid putting wet garments into the tumble dryer. Only lightly moist garments which have already been spun and have little moisture left inside of them. By tumble drying, the garment actually gets even softer !

Do you have a webstore ?

No I do not have a webstore and currently have no intention to have one. My business is still very small, and I simply do not have the capacity of keeping large stocks and running a webstore (with all its implications). All items are currently stocked at carefully selected shops. However, I do run a mail order service when I can. So simply get in touch and I will see how I can help out :)

Why does your website look like a travel website ?

Because adventure is sewn into every garment :) I also tend to go onto a lot of adventures whenever I can. My professional career starting by guiding small group into the Arctic wilderness and gradually gaining confidence and experience. I have worked with many of the tour operators based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. In a way this is why I started Arctic Edge, to provide some warm clothing for my guests. In order to figure out what people are after then I need to go into the field first hand, also to test new products. I still guide whenever I can, and recently set up my own company called Polar Horizons which aims to, in a way, replicate what has made Arctic Edge a success: that is to focus on quality from the very beginning until the very end. So in 2019 I will be taking small private groups (no random strangers) on tailor-made adventures into the Svalbard wilderness.

Where can I purchase your wooly items ?

You will find most of my items in the locals stores here in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. So you must come and visit !! I also sell at Port Lockroy in Antarctica and on the island of South Georgia, but also on some international small cruise ships which head to the Arctic and Antarctic. I currently do not have a webstore, and don't think I will have any in the foreseeable future, but you can also send me an email and I'll see how I can help out :)

Do you organise guided trips ?

Where are Arctic Edge items manufactured ?

All Arctic Edge items are currently manufactured in New Zealand :) by a small family run business. This ensures the best quality and best manufacturing techniques. There are no "small" hands involved at all - those who carefully craft Arctic Edge items are people like you and me who are paid normal salaries. I often been told to make my items somewhere which is cheaper - something I have resisted and continue to do so. I once investigated doing things cheaply and I was slightly horrified. Yes it would be 10-20 times cheaper if I went to China, but then I would have abslutely no control over the techniques/work ethics/chemicals/quality control etc. The day I need to go to China will be the day I close the business. As Arctic Edge expands, then I will only seek out the best manufacturers, no shortcuts will be used.

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