Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I arrive?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button. On your first visit to the food bank, you will be asked to fill out an intake form, and share information about your situation including family members, income, and expenses.Identification and proof of address for all household members is required on your first visit. Documents should also be presented on a yearly basis.

What is the difference between the two locations?

There is no difference between the two locations. They provide the same programs and services and are even staffed by the same team of people.

Do you share my information with anyone?

Personal information is always kept confidential, and is used to better understand our client’s circumstances, and to advocate on their behalf. Personal information is not shared with other organizations outside of Seva Food Bank’s network or with the government, including Ontario Works or Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

What if I am outside of the service area?

On your first visit to one of our food bank locations, you should never be denied food; however if you live outside our catchment area, you will be given a referral to the food bank that serves you.

How much food will I get?

Seva Food Bank provides a 7-10 days’ worth of food, once per month, to individuals and families who live in our Mississauga catchment area: Malton – 2832 Slough St (L4V, L5S, L4T, L5T, L5P) Wolfedale – Unit 10-3413 Wolfedale Rd (L5B, L5C)

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Travis Stephens Client Services (905) 361-7382 ext.7 Peter Hamo Programs (905) 361-7382 ext.4 905-361-SEVA (7382) Or for General Information Contact:

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