Signature Headband (Grey/Pink)

629,00 kr
629,00 kr
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The Signature Collection , as its name suggests, is a true signature of Svalbard and of Arctic Edge.

Look closely and you will a stylised map of Svalbard repeated over in an intricate pattern (which is also featured on the Arctic Edge logo!). Look again, and you may see mountains, icebergs and Arctic ocean waves. All the characteristics of the jagged coastline of Svalbard.

Take the essence of the Arctic on your next adventure with this unique collection. The Signature headband is a great companion on day trips with a fresh breeze to keep your ears warm.


Dimensions: 22 cm at widest X 11 cm tall, 30 g


Yann's tips and tricks: "This headband is only one layer thick, and great for trips where you are either active or where it's not too cold. If you are after a greater protection from the cold, then I would recommend you take a look at the Trapper Double Headbands or the Svalbard Double headbands which are twice as thick."

This garment is made using a luxurious blend of ZQ merino wool, New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibres, and Mulberry silk.

The ZQ merino wool is ethically sourced from free range sheep in New Zealand and Australia and is guaranteed non-mulesing. The Possum is a non-native, invasive animal to New Zealand and causes immense harm to the country’s natural flora and fauna. The fibres sourced are a by-product of the national eradication program.

- 60 % Merino wool
- 30 % Possum fibres
- 10% Silk


- Wash separately with cold water, either by hand or by machine, inside out.

- Use wool detergent.

- Cold rinse.

- Do not bleach.

- Low to medium spin, do not wring.

- Lay flat on towel to dry.

- Dry cleanable.

More information about care and maintenance can be found here.

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