South Georgia

Exclusively available at the South Georgia Museum at Grytviken.

The island of South Georgia is like no other. Far flung in the South Atlantic Ocean, it is home to an abundance of wildlife, with some aggregations of animals being the largest on the planet. Albatross, elephant and fur seals, millions of king penguins sea birds spills onto its shorelines and waters.

Despite the unique and incredible ecosystem of South Georgia, it has suffered immensely from its past human activity. The whaling industry during the first half of the 20th century nearly eradicated the whale and fur seal populations, and introduction on rodents caused havoc to millions of nesting sea birds.

With a moratorium on whaling since the 60s, blue whales are becoming a more common sighting. In 2011 the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) launched a rat eradication program, which became a success in 2018 and was the largest of any kind. SGHT fundraised relentlessly to achieve this goal, and continues to so with a monitoring project among other. For more information click here.

The South Georgia Collection from Arctic Edge is exclusively and proudly available on the island of South Georgia at the Grytviken Museum, operated by SGHT. All proceeds go towards to the SGHT.

Lovingly Made in New Zealand from 60% Merino wool, 30% Possum fur and 10% Silk.

South Georgia



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BSG04 (Pink)
BSG03 (Grey)
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South Georgia is truly a lost world, and an assault on all senses. Having been lucky enough to visit the island, I wanted to  immortalise the magic with a very special beanie and neck gaiter.


 I can still hear the cry of the king penguins, the burps of the elephant seals and the smell of the fur seals. Take me back !


Here Yann is pictured holding the South Georgia Museum and at St Andrew Bay.


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